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Safety Pin Cycle

Safety Pin Cycle: The weight of a dime on a nerve cuts the nerve supply 60%

Safety Pin CycleFor the sake of simplicity, Doctors of Chiropractic refer to the “Brain-Body” connection as the “Safety Pin Cycle.”

Each brain cell has a specific function of communicating to the body through special “message” lines called nerves. A perfectly functioning nerve system is capable of transmitting the necessary messages for 100% optimum body function.

When a brain cell sends a message to a tissue cell, a function is performed based on the command sent to the tissue cell. After the tissue cell performs the requested function, it sends a message back to the brain cell to inform it of the action taken. Any disruption of this cycle results in malfunction, disease.

If a distorted signal is sent to the tissue cell, or if a distorted signal is sent back to the brain cell, malfunction is manifested. If this malfunction is left uncorrected, disease results. Cancer is a perfect example of the body failing to communicate properly with cells growing out of control!

Vertebral subluxation (spinal nerve pressure) results in abnormal nerve signals (distorted messages). Chiropractors are the only specialists trained to analyze, locate, and correct vertebral subluxation!

“Interference to the nervous system results in permanent damage in a short period of time, and therefore, Chiropractic cares should begin at birth on a preventative basis.”

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