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Prenatal Chiropractic at George J. Lubertazzo Family Chiropractic

Pregnant woman and daughter laughing and touching her bellyAs a natural, drug-free, non-invasive healthcare method, chiropractic is ideally suited for moms-to-be who want to have the healthiest, smoothest pregnancy and delivery possible. Research has shown that receiving regular chiropractic care while pregnant can help reduce labor and delivery times and decrease the need for medical interventions.

At George J. Lubertazzo Family Chiropractic, we encourage our patients to begin care even before they get pregnant, to help get their bodies in the best alignment and condition possible to create a healthy pregnancy.

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What Are Some Benefits?

Your body is going through a lot of change in a short period, and that can create stress on the nervous system. The hormone relaxin causes your ligaments to loosen, which is necessary during birth but can create instability in your pelvis and spine as your weight changes and your center of gravity shifts. These physical alterations can cause misalignments that interfere with your nervous system, causing pain, discomfort and mobility issues.

Safe, gentle chiropractic care helps restore proper alignment, so your nervous system can work as it should and the rest of your body can function optimally. When your body works properly, it’s able to deliver all the nutrients that your baby needs to grow and develop—and having proper pelvic alignment may provide the space your baby needs to get into the ideal position for birth.

Our Approach

Everything we do is designed to make you feel comfortable and reassured that we have your best interest in mind. Dr. George Lubertazzo has over 30 years’ experience and offers a variety of gentle adjusting techniques, including Webster. We also have special tables with a break-away section for your belly, allowing you to lie face-down comfortably, with no pressure on your baby.

Dr. George will customize your care plan specifically for your individual needs and goals. As you get closer to your delivery date, we will usually want to see you more frequently because your ligaments will be getting very loose by now, creating more instability. We want to make sure your body is properly aligned and ready for the birth process.

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