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Meet Dr. George J. Lubertazzo

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On a Mission in Life

I went to Poland to visit some distant relatives. When I heard about all their health problems, I began to adjust them. After seeing incredible changes, the next day they asked me to care for all of their friends and relatives. By the third day, I had to start adjusting at the church hall because the living room was too small to accommodate everyone who came. There were hundreds of people to adjust. The results they saw were amazing. High blood pressures dropped; allergies subsided; arm paralysis disappeared; even a 16 year old boy who could not walk due to leg weakness reported he was walking 6 months later. After my first trip, my mission trips were scheduled for my return every 6 months.

My first experience with chiropractic was personal.

I was suffering with allergies for years. My friends encouraged me to go to a chiropractor because they were tired of hearing me sneeze. After getting adjusted, my allergies were gone! Chiropractic has become a part of my life since that day. Chiropractic is part of my life style and in past 20 years of practice, I have never taken a sick day off from work.

My daughter had a traumatic birth and was born with an AP GAR score of 2; she was barely breathing, not moving and her body was blue. The midwife cut the cord and I took her to lay her down to adjust her. I adjusted her and within moments her color started to return. Before the pediatrician could get to the delivery room, she was pink, breathing and moving! Her AP GAR score was normal just minutes after the adjustment!

Health and Happiness Come From Within

I became a chiropractor because it makes sense that health and happiness come from within. It is based on the laws of life: the body is a self-healing, self-rebuilding organism. The brain and the spinal cord control the body and all of its functions, keeping the body in balance and harmony. When the body is in balance, the body functions to its healthy genetic potential. I was born to be a chiropractor: to love, to serve, and to give. Through chiropractic, I help the sick and keep the well healthy.

I am inviting you to come to the office to see if chiropractic may help you and your family. You have nothing to loose and health to regain! Give our Rutherford chiropractic office a call to schedule an appointment today!

Dr. George J. Lubertazzo | (201) 896-0068