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About Family Chiropractic Center in Rutherford

Our purpose is to provide the best quality of service to our family of patients from all over the world by making chiropractic care available to all so each may reach their health goals; by educating all on how valuable they are and their health is; and by supporting all through comfort, hospitality, understanding and love.

Dr. George J. Lubertazzo is committed to providing the Rutherfordand Lyndhurst area with quality chiropractic care. He has dedicated their lives to enabling their patients to enjoy life more abundantly and naturally.

Dr. Lubertazzo received his Bachelor’s degree at Rutgers University before enrolling and graduating from Life Chiropractic College in Georgia. He is a member of International Chiropractic Association. This year he was celebrate his twenty year anniversary as a Chiropractor in Rutherford.

Dr. Lubertazzo is devoted professional that takes time to develop an individualized adjustment program for you. You are not just another patient at Dr. Lubertazzo’s office. You are a friend who deserves the finest Chiropractic adjustment available today.

Dr. Lubertazzo use a combination of adjusting techniques to accommodate individuals’ special needs those of pregnant women, senior citizens, infants, and handicapped. Also on staff is Lilian Amezcua, a licensed clinical massage therapist, providing support to your chiropractic adjustments.

Sound interesting? Please contact our office to make an appointment.

George J. Lubertazzo Family Chiropractic | (201) 896-0068